Holiday is Coming


I can't stay at home and do nothing. I always love to keep myself busy. Especially holiday is coming in weeks and I'm so excited!!! Have bunch of plans to do. Till then ^^. You can see all the part of Christmas celebration these days. On the street, department store, television. How beautiful and exciting all of those!

Finally I watched Catching Fire. And I loooooove it so much!!!!! You can tell that I'm so excited about this. It's a very good movie. Good story and casts too. I love Jennifer-Josh as Katniss-Peeta. I love how the movie was still very interesting and they keep the details as the book. It's like seeing your imagination become real. That's a dream!
I realize only one person will be damaged beyond repair if Peeta dies. Me.
-Katniss Everdeen-
P.S: Cross finger for my final exams next week and good luck for everyone too!

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