After many of sleepless nights, felt like I were chased by the deadline everyday, finally I finished my second assignment!! It's been a hard work that I had to gather all the motivation to get it done.

I have a habit to take pictures of my food before eating it. On the past days I had number of lunch and each had its special moments. Enjoy!

#1 I had this Chinese food after long time didn't taste some. Just my mother and I right after the class.

#2 I was starving for pizza that time. So we pick an Italian restaurant.

#3 I felt so exhausted and lazy that day. So I and my friend sit back together for some coffee and turkey sandwich in a rainy afternoon (which I like time like this so much). Plus we had shrimp rice at the end.

#4 We're starving for sushi this time! We finished as much as we can and green tea mille crepes as dessert! How complete that was. Plus we all had moustache bubble tea. I tried their half-half new flavor. I love how cute those moustaches ^^ 

#5 I was in the mood of photograph everything. So when we decided to have lunch that afternoon, I brought my camera along with me. This one was sooo good! My stomach was very satisfied! hehehe... And also we had pretzel. Love it!


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