Let It Go


#1 I can't believe I just finished my third semester!! It felt so far when I started last August. I can say November is the busiest month. It's like crazy in the past 1 month.

#2 At the end I realized that some feeling isn't for real, so I have to let it go. It's time to find another magic out there!

#3 Start to pour myself with all the craft things and listen to music as much as I want, specially start to play some Christmas songs. Sounds like the most relaxing time for me. It's time to pamper myelf ^^


#4 Christmas is about preparation. It's something I always do at the end of the year.


#5 Few things I got recently : 1.yankee candle and it smells good! 2.millecrepes, always be my favourite 3. new cath kidston pattern case  

Have a nice week, folks ^^


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