Strawberry + Ice Cream


Finally I'm back!! I have to cheat my time between the routine of doing assignments and resting. All the assignments have been going crazy these days as the deadline is going closer. I still can see all the busiest days ahead with a lot of assignments. By the way, Christmas spirit is on the air!!
Lately it rains almost everyday here, and I hate it so much! All dark, wet, and dirty didn't make everything looks more beautiful. I miss the sunshine..
Athough it's cold outside, hopefully not too late to have some ice cream with strawberries ^^
Have you seen Catching Fire trailer? I found it was played in a bookstore days ago. OMG can't wait!!!
"My nightmares are usually about losing you,” he says. “I'm okay once I realize you're here."
-Peeta Mellark-
Go team Peeta!! ^^

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