A Little Piece of Me


I’m thinking about making 20 facts about myself since many people did it on Instagram, but I made here instead.

#1. I’m very concern about what I like and don’t.
#2. I’m crazy over vintage things.
#3. I always dreamed to travel around the world (especially Europe), try everything and take pictures as much as possible.
#4. Blogger is my dream job. Wish I can do this all the time.
#5. I always try to avoid conflict.
#6. I’m a result-oriented person.
#7. I’m lazy over hard things. Doing something in fun way motivates me.
#8. I have a high level curiosity. I want to experience everything.
#9. I’m not an easy-going person. I normally can’t be open to other people that I can’t trust to.
#10. But once I trust someone, I hope it last forever and I won’t change easily except if that person betrayed me. This is my weakness maybe.
#11. I’m close with my family and I have a sister that think the same way as me, but we have freedom about our choice.
#12. I really enjoyed to talk with someone that have the same interest and hobby with me.
#13. I’m more comfortable to talk one-to-one rather than in a group. I can be more honest I think.
#14. I always try to get everything in one plate. I hate to see if one element is missing or something unfinished. I’m obsessed to complete it.
#15. I’m not good at sports but I enjoy watching it. I like to watch football, motogp, and badminton. Yes, you can talk about it with me.
#16. Used to be a huge K-pop lovers because of TVXQ (Korean boy band) since 2008, and still loving it now but not as obsessed as before.
#17. I learned Ballet for 14 years but stopped since entered the university. And now I miss to do it again.
#18. I basically can eat everything. But I don’t really like noodle and nuts (any kinds of it).
#19. I’m more productive at night.
#20. I can’t handle scary ride in theme park. It freaks me out.


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