It's amazing how browsing can lead us to unpredictable things. Random post about everything. Most are ideas and thoughts I want to share.

# I feel very connected to The Fault in Our Stars (many others who like this book must feel the same way right?). Besides the very cool movie (especially the cast and soundtrack), it showed us that life isn't or doesn't have to be perfect. And those amazing quotes, sooo true... Maybe my favorite is: The World is not a Wish-Granting Factory. And I believe that in so many ways. Okay? 

# I finally finished the last book of The Hunger Games trilogy: Mockingjay. This one is more tragic than the two previous books. The damage of the war became more real and serious than the love story itself. But I'm still amazed by Peeta's real action to save and calm Katniss down. He is the true savior and the one that Katniss need! I can imagine how the movie would be like, and I can't waiiiiit ><

# Coin. I found this indie band while browsing just because they have cool single cover. It turns out their songs are pretty cool, and once again, all those retro photos and videos! That name: Coin, cool!! And makes me think about Mockingjay again... I think indie bands are interesting because they have unlimited creativity. Check out their free download songs here or watch their video here.

# Coin's single cover inspired me to edit some my photos in retro style.


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