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I've been so into online food business that's growing really fast these days. Not only because they are delicious and come in good quality, but also their cute design and beautiful packaging make me love them so much. By chance, few days back there was an event called Market Museum, where you can find all the hyp online food open their stand there. I didn't want to miss it, so I went there with my friend and tried everything. Let's check them out :)

Puyo is very famous and keep growing nowadays. But of course not without reason. I like their pudding, those are delicious, seriously. You can't find anything like this. Even there are many similar kinds of pudding pop out everywhere, still not the same as Puyo. Likeee

This is the first time I try Pannacotta. Pannacotta Etc. maybe the most known brand for pannacotta in Jakarta. Pretty good I think.

This is delicious!!! It consists layers of fruit, cream, and crumble. Depends on what flavor you buy. It just so delicious ><. Also I'm in love with their beautiful packaging and design. I suggest you to try this one ;D

#4 iBake
Maybe this is the main reason I went to Market Museum :P. I've been eyeing this clouds&rain cookies and want it baaadly. Finally got a box of them. Cutee and love them!!! Like their clean and beautiful packaging. And their cookies are the good quality. You can customize other shape of cookies and they are all super cute. They also have cookies in jar. Ah, I'm falling in love with those.

I don't know about this brand before, but my friend know the owner and promote it to me. I try their munchies and love it immediately. So delicious!!! I picked Spectacular Crispy. It's addicted. And not forget the cute can and design. 

Actually I tried this ice cream too but i didn't have any photos of it because it's going to melt if i bring it home. It's not overall ice cream, but there's also sponge cake mix with the ice cream. I like their idea with the flavor. Each flavor is a therapy for different everyday problems. Although Its not a must, but I think It's creative idea. Their ice cream is unique like I never try before. And also very cute design and motto.


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