#1. Not very fancy about cupcakes, but this one is very cute eh? Desserts always cheer up my day ^^

#2. Lately feel so isolated with all tasks and schedules, music must do very good then. Hold myself tight, hide under blanket, put my headphones on, and let the music take me everywhere..... You definitely should check out my current favorite, Turning Page from Sleeping at Last. Very good I must say, timeless.

#3. I wish I have a chance to embrace the sun and blue sky soon.

#4. Typical milk tea more and more.

#5. A Beautiful Mess App. I've been a reader of Elsie and Emma's blog since a long time. So I'm very happy when finally downloaded their app in my android! So excited to try every cute words or borders on my pictures. Loooove ^^

Have a lovely days ahead x


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