I have to thank my sister for being so supportive for this photo shoot ^^

And if I can explain what happened this week, the most shocking news that my favorite photographer and my inspiration passed away in such so young age.... Until now I still can't believe that. It's so sudden. Even though I don't know what has happened. The fact that she is super talented and lovely person, make this seems so unreal. I believe world has lost one of the best photographer, I do. She is the one that show me life can be so beautiful and make me brave enough to have a dream and try to reach it..... Once she told me, you can achieve something great with passion! Ah, I can't believe she'll go this fast. She's still amazing as ever before. Many people will loose her so much. We'll miss her magical photos. I'm trying to understand what's going on, but even in my worst dream, this isn't happening. I'm crying and feel so empty inside. This made me thinking how precious our breath and our life is. We'll never know when someone that we love leave us forever. May you rest in peace, Mandy.


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