Bits of 2013


2013 has been a magical and wonderful year. Especially as I found new ways to do certain things, photography as a way I can explore beauty in everything. So many unpredictable things happened either in college or outside. And I can’t thankful enough to my friends and my family that are with me through this year, made all things become possible. This year is all about learning. I see many things differently, really, in a new good way. The fact that I get my dslr camera is truly a dream came true. Few days ago I found my wish list, and I realized that I've accomplished almost all in it. I’m so excited to welcome 2014! My resolution would be to travel more and visit many new beautiful countries in other part of the world. Have a wonderful year ahead! :)
This is a wrap up words from my favourite blogger, which pretty much I love,
I think it's important after a whole year of hard work, long nights, early mornings, long drives, beautiful sunsets, lovely conversations and probably way too much coffee to just sit back and appreciate everything you've done. This has been my favourite year ever. I've achieved more than I ever thought would be possible and I still feel so much energy and fire burning within me. 2013 was beautiful, and I can't wait to see what adventures next year brings. I already have plans for big shoots and places I'd love to visit. It's all going to happen.

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