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June is a special month of the year for me as I always wish to go back to June. Whether it's because of my birthday, or holiday when all exciting things happens! This is gonna be quite long post. There are a lot of things I haven't written, especially this week I started to see and feel my favorite things again.

#1. I'm not really into green tea, but decided to try this Japanese green tea latte from esprecielo. It's very calming. Oh it's been a long time since I could enjoy my morning.

#2. My 21st birthday. A lot of things happened and suddenly I'm 21 already!

#3. Past months was a long, torturing, and hard journey. My feelings was numb and I didn't even recognize my life anymore. It's a relieve that I pass at the end, but somehow there's something that's missing from my life after all that experience. But I must say thank you to all the people that helped me during that period, I really feel I owe so much to them.

#4. Lately my mom busy shopped for our new apartment and she bought so much things from Ikea.

#5. I ate a lot of good food these days. Well, good food makes me happy! From french fries, Mille Crepes, Red Velvet cake (dominated by desserts of course). Didn't get chances to capture all of them, but last time, I went to my favorite pizza restaurant. Still think they have the best pizza and pasta in town. They are so yummmm :9.

Now I'm starting my internship for a month. I made it a point to swim as far as I can (read my last post here).

Love, S

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