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I have this weakness when it is related to desserts. And so happy that recently a fancy dessert place has opened in my city, can't miss it right? It's Amber. I managed to visit with my friend ( I hope she enjoyed it as much as i did!). The kind of place I love, I think we should has more places like this in town :P. It's located just across Cacaote, but they have different color theme. I think Amber's cakes are better than Cacaote. So, we had macarons (my favorite always) and it's good. Macarons I've tasted these days are heavy and too much filling inside, more like biscuits than macarons. But this one at Amber, it's crunchy and light, just the way I like. And the cake, it's good as well, they have layers that create nice combination flavor. I also love the fact that they open early (at 8 A.M.) because I think morning is the best time to hang around ^^. The conclusion, I love the place and the food, it's great to be there.


Anyway, I found a movie, with Daniel Radcliffe as the main role, so there's no reason not to watch it. It's called What if. And I love it. You know, this oldies style that I adore, the music and everything. I like it. So much. It's ordinary and light with a lot of creativity.


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  1. oh my, you really have a long hair! And the macaroon & cake snap :) that's so tempting!

    1. Had a haircut recently, but I always prefer long hair hehehe... Thank youu ^^


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